Newbiggin Launches to Stranded Boat

Newbiggin lifeboat was called out this afternoon to a stranded cabin boat with one person on board.

The call came in from HM Coastguard's Humber Operation Centre around 2.20pm with reports of a person on a stranded boat on Newbiggin's offshore reef and a request for lifeboat assistance to give assistance.

Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was launched from the beach shortly afterwards with four volunteer crew on board. The lifeboat headed at full speed south to the reef and quickly recovered the lone boatman. The boatman was quickly taken ashore and passed into the care of the Coastguard Rescue Team from Newbiggin. Meanwhile two of the volunteer crew entered the water and onto the reef to assist in recovery of the 16 foot cabin boat. The lifeboat then towed the casualty vessel safely ashore.

Newbiggin lifeboat then returned to station and the incident was closed.


Sunday 8 July 2018

Hirst Progressive’s 20th year helping Newbiggin lifeboat station

The Hirst Progressive Club in Ashington recently made another generous donation to Newbiggin Lifeboat Station as part of an ongoing fundraising partnership supporting their local lifesaving volunteers.

Indeed the Hirst Progressive supporters have made regular donations over the last twenty years and this year made another generous donation.

The members of the Club rallied together to support one of their group who suffered a personal family tragedy involving a drowning in Cambois Bay almost twenty years ago. The incident led to a major search and rescue operation that was carried out with many rescue units including Newbiggin Lifeboat and Newbiggin’s Coast Rescue Team taking part. The dedication and effort of all the volunteers involved in the incident created a focus for the Club members who wanted to send out a signal of support for all those who had helped. Since then every year Newbiggin Lifeboat has received a generous donation from the Club supporters as a result of money raised from collecting boxes, dart competitions and other events.

Representatives from Newbiggin Lifeboat Station were invited up to the Hirst Progressive Club recently to receive the cheque. Newbiggin RNLI’s representatives Les Fayers and crew members were handed the cheque and passed on their sincere thanks for such a valuable and sustained effort to support their local RNLI Lifeboat Station. Richard Martin from Newbiggin lifeboat commented ‘ we are so grateful to these valuable annual donations that are vital to support our lifesaving and continuous training operations at Newbiggin. I am lost for words to express our sincere thanks to the membership at the Hirst Progressive enough for what they do for us at Newbiggin especially in our 167th year of lifesaving.’


Sunday 24 June 2018

Dancer's Donation

A local school of dance has recently made a generous donation of over £1300 to Newbiggin lifeboat station.

The Michelle School of Dance from Ellington decided this year to select Newbiggin RNLI as well as the Freeman Hospital Coronary Care Unit for their annual charity fundraiser. The dancers raised the money after performing at the Phoenix Theatre, Blyth earlier this year.

The Michelle School of Dance has dancers aged between 3 and 27 years, offering training in dance including ballad, tap and modern jazz. The school has been running for around 37 years and each year raises funds for local charities with the RNLI selected this year.

Michelle and some of her dancers came down to Newbiggin to meet the volunteer team recently where the donation was presented.

Speaking after the visit Michelle said" My dance school has been raising money for charities over the last 37 years, we always like to look for local charities and as I grew up in Newbiggin I understand how important the Lifeboat is to the local community. The money was raised through two dance performances at the Blyth Phoenix Theatre "For One Night Only".


Tuesday 12th June 2018

Newbiggin Launches to person in the water

Volunteers from Newbiggin lifeboat station were called out tonight following reports of a person in difficulty.

The call came in from HM Coastguard's Humber Operation Centre with reports of a distressed person in the Sandy Bay area and a request for lifeboat assistance to give assistance.

Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was launched from the beach shortly afterwards with four volunteer crew on board. The lifeboat headed at full speed south to the search area and arrived at Sandy Bay shortly afterwards to find the person in the sea. One of the volunteer crew entered the water to assist the person back to the beach and handed them into the care of Coastguard Rescue Teams from Newbiggin and Blyth.

Newbiggin lifeboat then returned to station and the incident was closed.


Newbiggin Lifeboat Volunteer Award

A lifeboat volunteer at Newbiggin has been recognised with a special award after 20 years of voluntary service.

Rod Slaughter received the award in recognition of his voluntary time at Newbiggin where he has undertaken various roles including lifeboat crew, lifeboat helmsman, deputy launching authority, lifeboat training coordinator and also his current role in shorecrew / tractor driver.

Rod was presented with the RNLI Commemorative 20 year long service badge by Carl Harris the RNLI Area Lifesaving Manager at the boathouse recently.

The award is also particularly pertinent during this month when the RNLI is celebrating the lifeboat volunteers. Our volunteers are at the heart of the RNLI. Without all our volunteers – fundraisers, education presenters, shop, community safety, museum, crew members, lifeguards, and others – the RNLI wouldn’t be able to save lives at sea. Volunteers deserve recognition for the incredible contribution they make.

Carl Harris RNLI Area Lifesaving Manager said “The RNLI depends totally on the generosity of individuals; whether it is our crew, our donors, fundraisers or staff. In particular, as part of the Newbiggin Lifeboat Station Rod has played a vital role in the continuing success of the RNLI. It is a wonderful thought that there are many people safe at home with their families due to Rod’s selfless commitment to the RNLI over the last 20 years. We know that this length of service would not have been possible for Rod without the support of his family and friends and we are grateful to them for allowing us to have had your time."

Sunday 6th May 2018

Newbiggin May Day Success

Newbiggin Ladies Fundraising Team held a successful May Day weekend fundraiser where over £600 was raised.

The May Day weekend was held on Sunday which coincided with the hot and sunny weather thankfully with a marked increase in footfall to the sea front. 

The fundraising work by the volunteer team both before the event and on the day was incredible with stalls including refreshments, home baking, gift and souvenirs, model boats along with the popular book and dvd stall.

The event also coincided with the national RNLI Mayday fundraising event. Mayday is our yellow-themed annual fundraiser, which runs from 1-31 May. It’s a celebration of our volunteer lifeboat crews, who are on call 24 hours a day, every day, to save lives at sea.

This year, we want to raise £750,000* to fund the vital kit that will keep them safe, whatever the weather throws at them. Will you help us by raising money this Mayday?

*Any funds raised over our £750,000 target will go towards funding our lifesaving work around the UK and Ireland.


Saturday 5th May 2018

Lifeboat Launches to Drifting Jet Ski

Newbiggin lifeboat was launched just after 8.00pm tonight following reports that a jetski with one person was broken down and drifting. The lifeboat quickly located the casualty close to the north breakwater then returned them safely ashore with their craft. Newbiggin Coastguard Team gave assistance on the shore and offered safety advice.

Friday 4th May 2018

Newbiggin Golf Day Celebrates 30 Years of Fundraising

Newbiggin Golf Club's annual lifeboat day celebrated 30 years of fundraising for the RNLI today.

Dedicated fundraisers from Newbiggin and also Amble  RNLI Lifeboat Station were at this important regional competition with over £1000 raised on the day by competition entry fees, a raffle and other donations.

Over the last 30 years this annual event is calculated to have raised over £35,000 thanks to the Newbiggin Golf Club who work constantly throughout the year to make this Captains Charity Day a success.

This year their efforts have once again paid off with 73 entries from around the region and beyond to Newbiggin to enjoy a first class game of golf at the seaside – a competition which also benefited from the exceptional weather conditions across the region today. The teams of golfers began the competition just before 8.00am with the last teams finishing at around 2.00pm. Throughout the day the Ladies Fundaising Team from Amble were kept busy also with their sea safety display and raffle.

Ron Taylor from Newbiggin Golf Club paid tribute to all who had supported this year’s golf day and the earlier ones saying ' once again we have had an excellent day here, a day when everyone not only had a great game of golf but also did their bit to raise vital funds for Newbiggin and Amble RNLI Lifeboat Stations. Our thanks go out to the many local businesses who donated prizes and also to the golfers from our region and beyond to Teeside who came along to compete.

The Newbiggin Golf Club Lifeboat Day was started over 30years ago by the husband and wife team Harry and the late Vera Smith former Vice President of the Newbiggin Ladies Lifeboat Fundraisers. Over the years they worked tirelessly in a fundraising partnership with Newbiggin Golf Club, the many golfers locally and around the region as well as generous sponsors to raise thousands of pounds for the lifeboat service here. In recent years the event has become part of the Captain's Charity initiative.

A presentation night for the competition is planned later this year.


Sunday 15th April 2018

Lifeboat Rescues Drifting Yacht

A lone yachtsman was rescued by lifeboats last night after deteriorating weather conditions, darkness and an overheating engine halted his journey north to Scotland.

The drama began around 5.40pm when a call for assistance from the 27foot yacht ‘Sea Jay’ was received by Humber coastguard. Shortly afterwards Newbiggin’s RNLI lifeboat Richard Wake Burdon was launched from the beach with four volunteer crew on board. After a slow journey in fog and poor sea conditions the casualty vessel was found around 9 mile east of Newbiggin. With a tow secured a slow journey south to Blyth harbour was begun. The tow journey was accompanied by the Blyth Independent lifeboat which stood by throughout. Both lifeboats and the casualty arrived at Blyth harbour around 9.00pm with the berthing and transfer assisted by the Blyth Coastguard Rescue team. As the rescued sailor was suffering from his ordeal the Blyth Coastguards arranged for an ambulance to take the man to hospital where he was checked over. 

Sunday 15th April 2018

Motorcycle Group's RNLI Donation

An Easter egg special delivery event helped raise funds for Newbiggin lifeboat recently with a cheque presented to the local lifeboat volunteers.

The Infidels Motorcycle Club presented the £150 cheque to the volunteers when they visited the station on Sunday morning. The money was raised from a special biking event, the Northumbria Egg Run on Easter Saturday to deliver Easter eggs which was made more difficult by the atrocious weather. Over 700 Easter eggs were donated for deserving youngsters in hospital. The money raised was shared between the RNLI and the Armed Forces Bikers group. Thanks also to Global Motorbike Tours organisation who sponsored the event and made it possible.

Ron Boulton from Global Motorbike Tours commented 'It was lovely to meet you all on Sunday at the RNLI and to see where the money we raised will be invested. You obviously all have very important roles and every penny is well spent. As a North East company we like to sponsor deserving local charities and after meeting Bob from Northumbria Egg Run it was an obvious choice to help raise money for yourselves at the lifeboat. Being a motorbike company organising trips to India, Vietnam and South Africa, I have connections with local clubs that donate to charity and am more than willing to help raise awareness for local charities wherever possible'.


Sunday 8th April 2018

Virgin Money Thank You

Representatives from Virgin Money recently visited Newbiggin lifeboat station to officially be thanked for their ongoing support of the lifeboat station here.

Julie Little and Sue Sutcliffe from Virgin Money were welcomed by the volunteers and thanked for the donations exceeding £1000 last year using the 'Bettys Pots'. To mark the occasion and say thank you the ladies were presented with commemorative shields by Barbara Martin the Fundraising Team President and Anne Main the Fundraising Team Chair.

Barbara commented 'we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support by Virgin Money and it was good that Julie and Sue came along today. Anne added 'the Virgin Money team enjoyed meeting the volunteers and finding out about Newbiggin lifeboat.' 

“Virgin Money is delighted with the continued support from our customers who are taking part to raise much needed funds for the RNLI, and are grateful for the volunteers who man and run the lifeboats, making our coastline safer.”

Sunday 8th April 2018

Newbiggin Lifeboat Station Volunteer Recruitment Event

Volunteers from Newbiggin Lifeboat Station are opening the boathouse doors for a special 'Join our team' recruitment event on Sunday 8th April 2018. The event gets underway from 11.00am until 3.00pm at the lifeboat station where visitors can find out more about the lifeboat service here and the volunteer opportunities available.

The RNLI provides first class training and equipment, guidance and support. Volunteering with us offers you the opportunity to make a difference in your local community, to save lives and be part of the larger RNLI family. We can offer you one of the most exciting and fulfilling volunteer roles available.

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. We provide, on call, a 24 hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland, and a seasonal lifeguard service. With our lifeboats, lifeguards, safety messages and flood rescue we are committed to saving more lives.

The event is taking place at the lifeboat station with ample free parking nearby at the Church Point car park then a short walk along the promenade to the lifeboat station.


Sunday 14th January 2018

Newbiggin Lifeboat Training Exercise with Coastguard

The training involved a joint exercise with Newbiggin and Blyth Coastguard teams and Newbiggin Lifeboat today. The exercise involved a search to locate two casualties and an extraction using the Lifeboat.

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Newbiggin Lifeboat Launches for Missing Person.

The call came in early evening following reports of a missing person at Druridge Bay.

The call came in from HM Coastguard's Humber Operation Centre with reports of a missing person in the Druridge Bay area and a request for lifeboat assistance to carry out a close inshore search.

Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was launched from the beach shortly afterwards with four volunteer crew on board. The lifeboat headed at full speed to the search area in poor sea conditions. Coastguard Rescue Teams from Newbiggin, Amble and Howick along with Police also commenced a search of the Druridge foreshore as well as adjacent areas.

Whilst the lifeboat was heading north HM Coastguard's Humber Operation Centre cancelled the lifeboat assistance as the person had been found by the Amble coastguard team. Newbiggin lifeboat then returned to station and the incident was closed.


Sunday 7th January 2018

Newbiggin Christmas Lights Donation

Local lifeboat supporter Mark Turnbull presented a generous donation following his fundraising initiative.

Lifeboat supporter Mark Turnbull came along with his partner to present a cheque to Newbiggin lifeboat station today for £516 following a successful Christmas lights fundraiser.

The work to deck out Mark's home had taken over a week to complete and judging by the many positive comments it has been worth it.

Mark's interest in Newbiggin follows a rescue undertaken almost 20 years ago and over that time regular donations and fundraising has taken place.

Mark was presented with a certificate of thanks for his family's support for the lifeboat as well as a shield.

This is the second generous donation for the lifeboat as earlier in the year Mark presented a cheque for £1100 after successfully completing the Great North Run.


Newbiggin Boxing Day Dip 2017

Hundreds of competitors braved the chilly North Sea to enjoy the annual Newbiggin Boxing Day Dip which was blessed with wall to wall sunshine and blue skies.

The large crowds on the beach and the many hardy souls who braved the sea were up on last year's count  thanks to this established tradition of Boxing Day which was begun during the 1980's by the Ashington Lions.

The event was organised by Newbiggin lifeboat station and it is expected to raise over £500 in donations for the RNLI realised through generous support via sponsorship together with donations. The Ladies Fundraising Team had a busy morning providing refreshments that were served during the morning in the lifeboat station. Meanwhile on the beach Newbiggin's lifeboat volunteers along with the local Coastguard teams from Newbiggin and Blyth marshalled and controlled the event on the beach with the lifeboat at sea providing seaward safety cover. Apart from money raised for the RNLI a multitude of other charities were represented at the event and they will benefit from considerable support also.

Almost 200 dippers took part at around 11.00am as they sprinted into the chilly sea watched by hundreds of spectators on the beach and promenade. After a few minutes in the sea the dippers all eventually retreated and reflected on their successes.


Newbiggin Golf Club Donation 

The golf club has for many years supported their local lifeboat with regular charity events to raise funds for the RNLI. This year, representatives from the golf club handed over this generous donation with the money coming from the Captain's Charity Day held during May 2017.

The Newbiggin lifeboat Golf Day was started over 20years ago by the husband and wife team Harry and the late Vera Smith former Vice President of the Newbiggin Ladies Lifeboat Guild. Over the years they worked tirelessly in a fundraising partnership with the Golf Club, the many golfers locally and around the region as well as generous sponsors to raise thousands of pounds for the lifeboat service here. In recent years the event has become part of the Captain's Charity initiative. In recognition for this long term support from the Club a commemorative shield was presented to them from the lifeboat volunteers.

Preparations are already in hand for a further lifeboat golf event during the summer of next year.


Christmas light display to raise money for the lifeboat

Local lifeboat supporter Mark Turnbull has decked his house in Christmas lights to raise funds for the lifeboat.

Hundreds of people gathered in the street to watch the lighting display turned on and after a countdown the area was lit up, the inflatable Santa's came to life and the crowds cheered.

During the night lifeboat crew gave out sweets and collected donations. Mark's wife and family also provided refreshments on the night and all money raised on the night and over the coming month will be donated to the RNLI at Newbiggin.
The work to deck out Mark's home has taken over a week to complete and judging by the many positive comments on the night it has been worth it. Last year Mark and his family raised around £750 with the Christmas lights and he hopes to exceed this amount.

Mark's interest in Newbiggin follows a rescue undertaken almost 20 years ago and over that time regular donations and fundraising has taken place.


Newbiggin Boxing Day Dip 2017

'Newbiggin RNLI Lifeboat Station will be hosting this year's Boxing Day Dip in Newbiggin Bay.The event will take place at 11.00 from the promenade adjacent Bridge Street on the seafront. Anyone interested in taking part can obtain a registration form from Newbiggin Lifeboat Station any Sunday between 10.00am and 1.00pm otherwise they will be available on the day of the dip at 10.30am both in the Lifeboat House and on the promenade adjacent Bridge Street.

Refreshments will be available in the lifeboat station during the event.

Sponsorship forms to raise funds for the RNLI are also available in the lifeboat station - BUT also, anyone wishing to raise money for their own chosen charity is encouraged to join us at the Boxing Day Dip.

Further information is available on Sunday mornings from the Lifeboat Station or call 01670 817320.

Newbiggin Lifeboat Station says farewell to Lifeboat Chaplain

Sunday 29th October 2017

Newbiggin's Lifeboat Chaplain Reverend Peter Sinclair and his wife Philippa said a fond farewell to the community over the weekend at his last service in this local parish.

Peter has been Lifeboat Chaplain here for the last five years and has taken an active role in the lifeboat station including the annual Blessing of the Lifeboat, the Lifeboat Carol service and other fundraising events. In addition he has always made time to regularly call down to the station after his Sunday morning services to speak to the volunteer team and find out what is happening.

At the celebration tea event at the Church Centre on Sunday Peter and Philippa were presented by Newbiggin's volunteers with various items to thank them for their support over the years including a framed picture by local artist Mike Smith which depicts a rescue by Newbiggin lifeboat over 100 years ago but importantly has Peter's former parish church St. Bartholomew's at Church Point in the background.

Richard Martin from Newbiggin lifeboat thanked Peter on behalf of the station and added 'we are extremely grateful for everything Peter and Philippa have done for the lifeboat and the wider community here and we look forward to ensuring the ideas for our community continue.'

Peter added “It has been an enormous privilege to be associated with this lively lifeboat community -those who crew the boat as well as all those who support them on shore and who are involved in fund-raising.  The lifeboat is at the heart of Newbiggin by the Sea and we give thank for all their courage over more than 160 years.  This year the local Genealogy Project mounted an exhibition called the ‘Pride of Newbiggin’ featuring the stories of the 12 lifeboat coxswains who had led the crew over the years.  It was a most wonderful display that captured the imagination of the whole town.  It made us appreciate all that the lifeboat means to this place.  I wish them well and all God’s blessings in the future.”



Sunday 20th August 2017

UK Coastguard's Humber Operations Centre tasked Newbiggin RNLI's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' at 14:30 today to go to the assistance of a yacht 'Sigimae' which had suffered propulsion problems north of Newbiggin. The yacht and its crew of five was enjoying a Sunday afternoon cruise when difficulties were encountered.

Arriving at the casualty just ten minutes after launching, the four volunteer lifeboat crew made contact with the casualty whose five crew assured them that they were all safe and would require a tow north to Amble. A tow was secured by the lifeboat and with a volunteer lifeboat crewmember on the casualty vessel the slow tow north was begun.

The lifeboat was assisted by the Amble Coastguard rescue team as the casualty was brought into Amble and moored.

Richard Martin, Newbiggin RNLI spokesman, said: 'Our volunteer crew members responded to the alert as fast as possible were able to secure a tow for safe passage north.'


Pleasure Fishing Boat calls for help

Tuesday 15th August 2017

The UK Coastguard requested the launch of the RNLI's Newbiggin lifeboat at 09.50am today after the 15 foot pleasure fishing boat 'Redemmed' made a call for assistance. Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was quickly launched with four volunteer crew on board and quickly located the drifting vessel off Cresswell. The vessel had earlier suffered engine starting problems and the offshore wind was thwarting attempts to make for the shore. With a tow attached the lifeboat headed to Cresswell for a short journey to the beach where the 'Redemmed' and her crew of two were passed into the care of the Newbiggin Coastguard team. Once the casualty vessel was safely recovered on the beach Newbiggin lifeboat left the beach and headed south back to their base.


Newbiggin Lifeboat Day 30th July 2017

Volunteers from Newbiggin lifeboat station are celebrating a successful afternoon of fundraising during which over £3000 was raised.

The afternoon saw a variety of stalls giving brisk trade to hundreds of supporters who had come along for this major event in Newbiggin's summer calendar. Stalls including souvenirs, tombola, home made cards, nearly new, bric a brac, raffle and home made cakes enjoyed a roaring trade with stock cleared out. Elsewhere in the main arena there was live music by Koast Radio 106.6FM along with a hook a duck and bouncy castle. The Ladies fundraising team also kept the visitor's appetite for home made cakes and refreshments going throughout the afternoon within the boathouse.

At sea Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat and kept the visitors entertained with rescue demonstrations in the Newbiggin Bay area.

With the afternoon concluding the various raffles and competition results were announced with all prizes claimed on the day. A full list of winning tickets and prizes is on display outside the lifeboat station.

Anne Main from the Newbiggin Ladies Lifeboat Fundraising Team commented ' on behalf of the volunteers at Newbiggin lifeboat station can I send out a big thank you to everyone who has made this local fundraising event sucha success today, it is greatly appreciated by us all.'

Another Broken Down Boat for Newbiggin

15th July 2017

The UK Coastguard requested the launch of the RNLI's Newbiggin lifeboat at 09.45pm today after the 24 foot fishing boat 'Rodbender' made a call for assistance. Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was quickly launched with four volunteer crew on board and quickly located the drifting vessel off Church Point. With a tow attached the lifeboat headed south for a short journey to Blyth where the 'Rodbender' and her crew of three were passed into the care of the Blyth Coastguard team. The casualty vessel was towed by the lifeboat to the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club at Blyth and safely secured at the visitor's berth. Shortly afterwards Newbiggin lifeboat left the harbour and headed north back to their base.

Newbiggin Launches to Drifting Fishing Boat

2nd July 2017

Newbiggin RNLI lifeboat crew launched today after the crew aboard a fishing vessel called the UK Coastguard to report they needed assistance.

The UK Coastguard requested the launch of the RNLI's Newbiggin lifeboat at 12.45pm today after the 21 foot Amble fishing boat 'Red Sunset' made a call for assistance. Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was quickly launched with four volunteer crew on board and soon located the drifting vessel east of Cresswell. Their engine overheat had disabled their only propulsion method and the fresh offshore breeze was quickly pushing them further out to sea. With a tow attached the lifeboat headed north to Amble where the 'Red Sunset' and her crew of three were passed into the care of the Amble Coastguard team. Newbiggin lifeboat then headed south back to their base.


Early Morning Lifeboat Call Out

On the early hours of Tuesday 18th October ( 4.25am) the lifeboat crew were woken from their sleep after a request from UK Coastguard for the launch of Newbiggin's Atlantic 85  lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' to assist a stranded fishing boat.

The casualty vessel 'SOLAN'  with three persons on board was  broken down 3 miles off Creswell but thankfully was in no immediate danger as it was a  reasonable calm morning.

The lifeboat was quickly alongside the casualty vessel where the four lifeboat volunteer crew managed secure a tow for the slow journey south. As the sun began to rise the lifeboat and the casualty arrived at Blyth harbour.

With a successful tow job done the lifeboat returned back to Newbiggin by 7.40am, just in time for everyone to head off for a day's work with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Newbiggin Lifeboat Day Success

On behalf of Newbiggin Lifeboat Station can I give a big thank you to everyone who made our Lifeboat Day such a success. This year over £2650 was raised - a fantastic result.
Despite mixed weather on the day the success of the event was due to the hard work of the volunteer team, the generosity of our many supporters and donors and everyone else who did their bit to help us in many ways. In addition the volunteer team ran a further event at the lifeboat station to coincide with the Newbiggin Maritime Tall Ships Fringe Festival where over £600 was raised over a very busy Bank Holiday Monday.
Once again thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Barbara Martin
President of the Newbiggin Ladies Lifeboat Guild

Wednesday 14th September 2016

                          Tuesday 13th September 2016

Lifeboat Crew Assist Injured Person on Promenade

Volunteers from Newbiggin lifeboat station were diverted from the start of a training exercise earlier in the week when they were advised about a gentleman lying on the promenade.

A number of the volunteers who are casualty care trained attended to the male a suspected dislocated shoulder as well as bleeding to a head wound. The crew administered the necessary care and treatment until an ambulance arrived and took the gentleman to the Accident and Emergency Centre at Cramlington.


Sunday 6th December 2015

Lifeboat Christmas Fair Success

The bad weather held off for the Newbiggin Lifeboat Christmas Fair on Sunday 22nd November, and people enjoyed a cold but sunny afternoon on the seafront. Hot drinks and cake all round, along with the tombola and bric-a-brac sale. Stormy Stan borrowed Santa's sleigh to pay us a visit as well. Many thanks to everyone who supported us that day, we raised £415.

Over Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th December the Newbiggin ladies Fundraising Team will be running a stall within the Newbiggin Maritime Centre where a large Christmas Fair is taking place..

The final fundraiser for December is the Boxing Day Dip on 26th December, registration before 10.30am ready for the Nippy Dippy at 11am. People raising funds for other charities are welcome to take part in our event. For more details contact 07802 155509.

Wednesday 18th November 2015


Two fishermen rescued off Northumberland Coast

Two fishermen whose boat sank off the Northumberland coast this morning have been rescued following a search operation involving four RNLI lifeboats. The alarm was raised by the crew of another fishing boat who spotted a man clinging to a lobster pot marker just before 9am today. They radioed for help after pulling him on board their vessel 'the Boy Liam'. Amble RNLI all weather and inshore lifeboats were launched to search for the second fisherman and Newbiggin and Seahouses RNLI lifeboats were later requested to join the search. After about an hour the Amble RNLI inshore lifeboat crew spotted the man on the beach at Coquet Island which is about a mile off the Northumberland coast.They recovered him onto the lifeboat and he was airlifted to hospital by a Coastguard helicopter. Amble RNLI Coxwain, John Connell said its thought the man managed to swim the short distance to the island after his boat overturned and sank this morning. He added: "These are two extremely lucky fishermen. The water is very cold and they were in the water some time but they did what they could to look after themselves until help arrived. We always hope for a positive outcome but we are all very, very relieved that the two fishermen have been found and we wish them well for a speedy recovery following their ordeal."

Friday 28th August 2015

Newbiggin lifeboat was launched to assist an angling boat which was unable to make the shore due to propulsion issues.The call from Humber coastguard came in at around 1.40pm when a request for lifeboat assistance was made. Shortly afterwards Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was launched from the beach with four volunteer crew on board. On arriving at the casualty a tow was secured and the vessel with its two occupants was brought into the safety of the River Wansbeck moorings. With no further assistance required the lifeboat returned to station.


Monday 10th August 2015

Newbiggin's Second Call in 12 Hours

Volunteers from Newbiggin lifeboat station received a call earlier today to assist a local fishing coble. The call came in shortly before 8.00am when the Newbiggin coble 'Endeavour' requested assistance due to propulsion issues.
Newbiggin's Atlantic 85 lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was soon underway with four volunteer crew on board and headed north to Snab Point. Once on scene and with shore support from Newbiggin coastguard the lifeboat stood by whilst the coble problems were resolved.
With no further assistance needed the lifeboat returned to station and the incident was closed.

Sunday 9th August 2015

Volunteers were called out by Humber Coastguard tonight after it was reported that a 17 foot speedboat with four persons on board was drifting out to sea. The call came in around 7.20pm after the vessel, which had launched earlier in the evening from Newbiggin Bay ,had suffered engine failure and was drifting out to sea due to a fresh offshore breeze. Newbiggin's Atlantic 85lifeboat 'Richard Wake Burdon' was launched shortly afterwards from the beach and with four volunteer crew on board headed south to locate the casualty vessel with Newbiggin Coastguard overseeing the rescue from the shore. After ashort time Newbiggin lifeboat located the drifting speedboat Maggie-May with four persons on board a mile out to sea from Cambois. After checking the safety of the four persons on board the lifeboat volunteers secured a tow and headed north back to Newbiggin.By 8.15pm the vessel was safely brought to the beach with further help from lifeboat crew and coastguards.