‘Newbiggin’s new Lifeboat makes record – on land!’
The Blyth News and Ashington Post carried the following article on October 20th, 1938;
‘When Newbiggin’s new Lifeboat arrives in Blyth tomorrow it will have established a record because it is believed to be the only Lifeboat to have travelled more than 300 mile by rail. Four Newbiggin fishermen, who for years have manned the old ‘Arthur R. Dawes’, will be waiting to take over the helm of the new craft which will be christened ‘Augustus and Laura’.
One of the proud four will be Coxswain Brown who is to steer the vessel on her first trip which will be from Blyth Harbour to Newbiggin where she will be housed. The new boat is twin engined with cone propellers. Coxswain Brown said the new boat will be manned by five men whereas the old boat needs eighteen. On Wednesday there will be a trial launch of the new Lifeboat at Newbiggin’

Naming Ceremony at Newbiggin - June 24th, 1939.
The new boat has cost about £3000 and has been built out of a legacy from the late Mrs. E.A.Northey of London. The Lifeboat was a 32foot ‘Surf’ type and was propelled by Hotchkiss Internal Cone propellers powered by two 12BHP Weyburn F2 petrol engines. She was the third Lifeboat out of a total build of nine.The naming took place on June 24th, 1939 with Mr. Adam Storey Chairman of the Branch presiding. Lieutenant Colonel C.R. Satterthwaite OBE Secretary of the Institution presented the Lifeboat to the Branch on behalf of the Donor and the Institution. Captain F. Hollingsworth Honorary Secretary of the Branch received her, and Reverend C.F.Meed M A presided and thanked the Donor and the Institution. Lady Francis Osbourne, President of the Berwick-upon-Tweed Branch and the Ladies Guild, then presented the wristwatch awarded by the Institution, in place of binoculars, to Captain Hollingsworth.
The Bishop of Newcastle then dedicated the Lifeboat and Lady Osbourne then named the Lifeboat ‘Augustus and Laura’. The Lifeboat was then launched.