This was the first secondhand Lifeboat to be sent to Newbiggin and it was also the first to arrive on a ‘rowed’ passage to the Station arriving on July 11th, 1931.The Lifeboat had been rowed from Boulmer calling into Amble on route.
The Lifeboat, was originally funded from the legacies of Miss M. Fielder of London and Mr. G.R.Dawes of Brockley, was first called ‘Melliscent’ but then in 1912 the name was changed to ‘Arthur R.Dawes’.
This Lifeboat was a ten oared self-righting sailing and pulling boat of the ‘Rubie’ class. She measured 35 foot long by 8 foot 6 inches wide and weighed 3 ton 11 cwt and was the eighth boat out of a total build of fifteen. Costing £988 11sh 6d new, she was built by the Thames Ironworks Company at Blackwall in 1911.